CCNP seminars are focused on discussing papers, projects, and ideas in computational cognitive neuropsychiatry, in an informal, collaborative atmosphere. If you would like to present, please contact Ed Clayton at

Seminars typically are held every two weeks on Wednesdays from 10-11 am in Room D-203, Psychiatry/UBHC building, 671 Hoes Lane West, Piscataway, NJ. For those who cannot attend in person, videoconferencing is available.

Upcoming seminars:

Wed April 12 2017 – Rita Goldstein – Neuroimaging in drug addiction: an eye towards intervention purposes

Wed April 26 2017 – Sabine Kastner – Neural dynamics of the primate attention network

Fri May 5 2017 – CCNP Mini-Symposium and Josh Gordon

Wed May 24 2017 – Jordan Taylor – Taking aim at the cognitive side of motor learning

Wed June 7 2017 – Anna Konova – Addiction states as dynamic changes in valuation

Wed June 21 2017 – Prantik Kundu – Functional MRI of Thalamocortical and Arousal Circuitry Using Multi-Band Multi-Echo EPI

Wed Sept 6 2017 – Emanuel Bubl

Wed Sept 20 2017 – Travis Baker