Yuli Fradkin – The relationship of impulsivity and cortical thickness in depressed and non-depressed adolescents

Peter Uhlhaas – Oscillations and Neuronal Dynamics in Schizophrenia: The Search for Basic Symptoms and Translational Opportunities

Quentin Huys – Where to put emotions in RL?

Deepu Murty – Mesolimbic-hippocampal interactions support adaptive and maladaptive behavior

Manfred Spitzer – Digital Dementia – risks and side effects of digital media use in children and adolescents

Sam Wang – The Cerebellum, Sensitive Periods, and Autism

Ken Norman – How do retrieval dynamics drive learning? Insights from fMRI and computational models

Eileen Kowler – Show me, don’t tell me: The role of cues, past experience, and beliefs in the generation of anticipatory eye movements



Steve Silverstein – Disorganization in Schizophrenia: Convergence of Clinical and Experimental Data with Information Theory and Neurobiology

Susan Murphy (U Michigan) – Why/When might variation in treatment be therapeutic?

Yael Niv – DYT1 dystonia increases risk taking in humans (including a short primer on reinforcement learning)

Brian Keane – Visual disturbances as a window into schizophrenia

Nathaniel Daw – Evaluation of overall environmental quality: theory, experiments and potential applications to mood disorders

Liz Torres – Towards Precision Psychiatry: Statistical Platform for the Personalized Characterization of Natural Behaviors

Megan deBettencourt – Externalizing internal mental states to train sustained attention behavior

Nico Schuck – Mapping cognitive states in learning & decision-making

Angela Radulescu – Learning, attention and cognitive aging: computational perspectives

Molly Erickson – Mechanisms of visual working memory impairment in schizophrenia

Peter Hitchcock – Malfunction and bounded rationality views of psychopathology

Eran Eldar – The role of mood in reward learning: function and dysfunction

Jared Van Snellenberg – When Working Memory Isn’t Working: Potential Biomarkers of Capacity and Mechanisms of Impairment in Schizophrenia