Why should I participate in CCNP studies?

The CCNP is a major collaborative endeavor between two of New Jersey’s most prestigious universities: Rutgers and Princeton. Through this collaboration, expertise in computational modeling, cognitive neuroscience, experimental psychology, and clinical psychology are seamlessly integrated. Our mission is to facilitate research that will advance the scientific understanding of how the brain works, how normal brain activity can be disrupted, how treatment works, and how to better identify and predict important aspects of clinical conditions. Should you choose to participate in our studies, you will be contributing to that mission.

What kinds of studies take place at the Center?

Different studies will ask you to complete different measures. Generally, you will take part in interviews designed to identify symptoms of psychiatric or other medical conditions; answer questionnaires that assess your beliefs, attitudes, and preferences; and complete tasks on a computer. All of these tasks use a simple response format (e.g., touch screen or pressing buttons on a keyboard) and so no computer expertise is required. Many of these tasks are somewhat like video games, and typically involve making decisions about what you see or hear, or remembering what you saw or heard for short periods of time. People typically find these tasks enjoyable.

Even if there is currently no study at the Center that is relevant to you, you can undergo an initial screening and become part of our participant database – we will then contact you whenever a relevant study is recruiting participants, and offer you the chance to participate.

You will be paid for the time you spend on our interviews as well as the studies themselves.

What types of mental health disorders do we study at the Center?

We run studies that recruit people with many types of clinical conditions. These include schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, bipolar disorder, major depression, and anxiety disorders. We also run studies on participants with no clinical conditions. Though the needs of the individual study will vary over time, we are always looking for willing participants. If you have interest in participating in our research, click here to fill out our contact form. You may then be contacted by center staff if we are currently running a study for which you are likely to be eligible.

How do I enroll?

If you are interested in participating in research at the CCNP, please email us at ccnpstudies.rp@gmail.com, call us at (732) 640-8933 or fill out our contact form.