18 April 2018: Democratizing Developmental and Mental Health: All You Need is a Smart Phone – An Autism Study Example

Guillermo Sapiro
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Duke University

In this talk I will describe our activities related to the use ubiquitous technology for increasing access to developmental and mental health. In particular, we will concentrate on our experience with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), where we have deployed computer vision and machine learning tools both in the clinic and in the wild to automatically encode behaviors elicited by carefully designed movie stimuli. We will describe the projects, some of the results, lessons, and plans for the future. We hope also to engage the audience in the description of some of our current activities and plans related to ADHD, eating disorders, PTSD, combination of behavior and neural recordings, and potentially new collaborations. The work to be presented is based on a very close collaboration between my team
(EE/CS/BME/Math), Duke Health, the Duke Autism Center, and industry. The need for such close collaboration will be stressed and discussed.