24 April 2019: Psychiatry & Violence: Biological & Psychosocial Assessment

Jay Singh
Department of Psychiatry
University of Pennsylvania

The relationship between mental health and violence remains a controversial one. However, much attention has been paid to this relationship in recent years, with the number of secure inpatient beds in psychiatric hospitals on the rise and surveys of the criminal justice system establishing prisons and jails as the largest providers of mental healthcare in the United States. Hence, establishing valid and reliable methods of identifying patients who will commit violent acts has become an important health and safety issue. In this seminar, we will discuss current evidence-based methods of assessing violence risk in psychiatric populations, including both biological (neurological correlates and genetic markers) and psychosocial (actuarial risk assessment tools and structured professional judgment instruments) methods.

*Please note that this meeting will take place at the Princeton Neuroscience Institute this week.*