23 February 2022: Trial by trial model fitting workshop, part I: finding optimal parameters to describe data

Yael Niv
Princeton Neuroscience Institute
Princeton University

In this workshop I will discuss the basics of fitting reinforcement learning models to human behavior. We will start by discussing probability theory and Bayes rule. Then we will work out a reinforcement learning example step by step — no advance knowledge of reinforcement learning necessary. Note that if you participated in this workshop (taught by me) in another forum, including at CCNP in 2016 (wow, time flies!), this will be the same workshop. In part two of the workshop (April 6), we will discuss model comparison.

***Prior to this CCNP workshop, it is highly recommended attendees watch this 11-min video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BrK7X_XlGB8. ***

View a recording of this session here.

View slides from this session here.