26 October 2022: Scaling Single-Session Interventions to Bridge Gaps in Mental Healthcare Ecosystems

Jessica Schleider
Department of Psychology
Stony Brook University

In this talk, I will overview my lab’s research on developing brief, mechanism-targeted interventions for youth mental health problems; identifying the mechanisms underlying their effects; and testing novel approaches to dissemination. First, I will present meta-analytic evidence supporting the promise of very brief (single-session) youth mental health interventions. Next, I will share work on two interconnected targets that may inform the design of such interventions: youth cognitions, such as beliefs about whether personal traits are malleable (versus fixed) by nature, and family-level factors, such as parenting behaviors and expectancies for mental health treatment. This will include results from recent, large-scale randomized trials targeting youths and parents testing single-session, online interventions. Finally, I will preview ongoing and future projects, which aim to harness modifiable targets to build novel, theoretically precise interventions; capitalize on technological innovations and cross-sector partnerships to expand how and where such interventions might be accessed; and tailor evidence-based single-session interventions for historically underserved populations, including sexual minority, gender-diverse, and racial and ethnic minority youth.

View a recording of this session here.