21 February 2024: How can we do better? Identifying mechanisms of action as a path to precision psychotherapies for depression

Nili Solomonov
Department of Psychiatry
Weil Cornell Medical College

Psychotherapy is effective in reducing depression. Yet, 40-60% of patients remain symptomatic at treatment end. Identifying brain‐based and clinical mechanisms of action that underlie symptomatic improvement can guide the development of neuroscience‐informed, scalable and effective interventions. Dr. Solomonov will present studies conducted using imaging and computational approaches to detect mechanisms of action and improve psychotherapies. Studies will focus on understudied populations, including middle‐aged and older adults, mothers with postpartum depression and healthcare workers suffering from depression and anxiety.ffort and critical dynamics in EEG data while participants perform various levels of the N-back working memory task.

View a recording of this session here.